18 september- 19 october 2017: OPEN AIR CINEMANA IN PALESTINE - More than 30 events in bedouin communities, refugees camps and Area C - STAY TUNED

In the framework of the project “ Comunicazione e Visibilita’ alle iniziative di Cooperazione in Palestina – CoVI AID 11066”, the open air CINEMARENA is travelling around West Bank from Sept. 18 until October 19.
The ultimate goal of CINEMARENA in the Palestinian territories is to raise awareness about non transmissible diseases, early diagnosis of breast cancer, promotion of healthy life style and non smoking campaign, considering that Italy is EU lead Donor in the helath sector since 2013. 
Therefore, following the movie screening some communication experts and psychologists are conveying specific messages to the public. 
At the end of each projections, hygiene kit, colour booklets, pencils and t-shirst are distributed to the audiance.
All the activities have been organised with the support of our partners such us NGOs, UNRWA and UNDP. 
Click HERE to download the programme - stay tuned!