December 7th 2016: The Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem signs a Technical Agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Planning for the benefit of the Ministry of Health

The Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem – Fabio Sokolowicz - on behalf of the Directorate Generale for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has signed a Technical Agreement - for a total amount of 1.650 M Euro - with H.E the Minister of Finance and Planning – Sukri Bishara – for the benefit of the Ministry of Health.
Within the framework of the programme “CRONO - Tackling noncommunicable diseases in Palestine” approved last May 2016, the Technical Agreement initiates the one-year programme which aims at decreasing the burden of noncommunicable diseases through the strengthening of 
the health service network at both primary and secondary levels through provision of equipment and construction of a health facilities as well as through the implementation of a national health education campaign.