11 novembre 2016: Fourty loans disbursed, for a total amount of almost 6 Million Euro in the framework of the Palestinian Small & Medium Enterprises Development Programme

The Italian credit line supporting small & medium enterprises (SME) (EUR 25M, out of which EUR 9M disbursed in 2010) has recently reached the target of 40 loans, for a total amount of almost EUR 6M. Three-fourth of the loans, for a total amount of EUR 2.5M, have been disbursed in the last three months by five Palestinian leasing companies, a new partner who joined the program in July 2016.

The remaining share of loans (one-fourth, for a total amount of EUR 3.3M) has been disbursed by three local commercial banks.
The SME which took up a loan are operating in the sectors of agriculture and agri-business; pharmaceutical and medical equipment; light manufacturing; stone & marble; construction; tourism; and finally, logistics and services.
Given the important increase in the local SME demand (almost 90% of the loans have been disbursed from January 2015 on), within the first quarter of 2017 the Palestinian Ministry of Finance & Planning will request the disbursement of the second installment of the credit line, for an amount of EUR 9M.