12 August 2016: Solar panels to support the resilience of the Bedouins in Area C

6 photovoltaic panels connected to the refrigeration systems and 31 portable solar panels have been installed at the Bedouin community of ​​Zanba in Za'ayyem, in the delicate area E1 in east Jerusalem, where 129 people live (of which 70% are minors). The 6 photovoltaic panels will provide the community, who mainly depends on breeding and selling dairy products as a source of living, with continuous supply of electricity in order to sustain their traditional livelihoods, while the other 31 portable panels will provide them with lighting during night time.

This initiative of a value of 15,000 euro, was made by equal contributions from AICS-Jerusalem,  through direct management funds, and from the NGO Terre des Hommes, that used its savings from the budget of the project " Activation and enhancement of psychosocial services and protection mechanisms for the benefit of the children of Wadi Qaddoum, Sheikh Saad and Zaayyem " that is realized in the framework of the emergency programme "Emergency Initiative for strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian population in Gaza Strip, Area C of the West Bank and East Jerusalem - AID 10487".


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