Emergency Programme in Palestine: 6.1 Million Euro in 4 sub-sectors WASH, Health, Education and Psychosocial Support

The Emergency Programmes of AICS Jerusalem Office, in accordance with the triennial Guide Lines defined by the DGDC that identify Palestine as a priority country, are part of an "emergency setting protracted with recurrent acute crisis and at high risk of further deterioration, characterized by an increase in human rights violations, destruction of development horizons, by the deterioration of the conditions for the development of human capabilities and threats of individual and collective identity "(Timesis Srl 2015).

 The methodological approach developed by the AICS Jerusalem Office from a thorough analysis of the context, identifies the Protection of refugees and displaced persons is the priority area of intervention.
They are currently underway 3 Emergency Programmes in three priority areas (Gaza, Area C of the West Bank and East Jerusalem) for a total amount of 6.1 M Euro.
The emergency sector in Palestine involves 12 Italian NGOs with 15 projects in 4 sub-sectors such as WASH, Health, Education and Psychosocial Support.
10487 Program for the emergency initiative for strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, in Area C of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem was approved by resolution no. 212 of 12.19.2014 for a value of 2.5 M Euro.

The 9 Italian NGOs involved are:
OVERSEAS: Emergency irrigation Infrastructure Rehabilitation as a resilience tool of agricultural displaced families in the Gaza Strip;
EducAid: Peer Resilience: Psychosocial Support and activation of resilience paths for disabled people and children who experienced trauma after the operation "Protective Edge";
VENTO DI TERRA: Re-building Gaza-Rehabilitation in bioclimatic architecture and reactivation of psycho-social support services of the center Terra dei bambini;

CISS: Strengthening resilience mechanisms and integrated psychosocial support of children in the Gaza Strip in response to the trauma generated by the protracted crisis;
TERRE DES HOMMES ITALY: Activation and enhancement of psychosocial services and protection mechanisms in favor of Wadi Qaddoum, Sheikh Saad and Zaayyem children;
COOPI: Emergency Initiative for young adolescents protection of East Jerusalem: psychosocial support to increase the resilience;
CESVI: Support to resilience in response to the needs in terms of water and protection of vulnerable communities to water scarcity and the risk of displacement in the West Bank;
GVC: Improve the protection mechanisms of five vulnerable communities in the governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem;
COSPE: Children Friendly Mobile Units.
10736 Programme for Emergency Initiative for the protection of refugees and the population at risk of displacement in Area C of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem with a value of 2 M Euro.
The 6 NGOs involved are:
OVERSEAS - EDUCAID: RES.P.I.R.E -RESilience and protection in a refugee environment
OXFAM ITALIA: Improving access to water sources for Bedouin communities in Area E1
VENTO DI TERRA: Rehabilitation with low-environmental impact of the Al Jabal / Arab Jahalin schools: increasing inclusive access to primary education for Al Jabal Abu Nawar students
CESVI - DISVI: Support the Resilience and Response to the needs related to access to water and sanitation services in the vulnerable communities at risk of displacement in the West Bank
COSPE- CRIC: Protection intervention of Nabi Samuel's population at risk of displacement
GVC- EDUCAID: Improving refugee and displaced people protection mechanisms in Area C

10735 Programme for humanitarian intervention in the Gaza Strip: a contribution to the phase of recovery in favor of the most vulnerable sections of the population for a value of 1.6 M Euro.

The proposals' evaluation of NGOs is in progress.