30 June 2016: Ministry of Public Works approved the architectural drawings for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of residential buildings in the Al Nada district, Gaza Strip.

On the 30th June 2016 were approved architectural drawings (technical design) by the Ministry of Public Works in Gaza and the local communities families of the destroyed houses, made as a part of the project "Contribution to the Reconstruction Plan for Gaza" (Aid 10608) approved by the Steering Committee by Resolution 119 on 24 July 2015.
The architectural drawings relate to construction of housing units (131 apartments of 115m2 and 76 apartments of 65 m2) are inclusive of energy efficiency, energy production from renewable sources, gray water reuse systems and rainwater collection system
The available space (25.430m2) will be divided in 54% dedicated to residential units; 36% to the common areas; 10% dedicated to commercial space.