14th April to 5th May 2016 Workshops: Cultural Heritage Protection, Gender Based Violence and Child Protection in the context of the 10487 Emergency Program

The AICS Emergency Program Office of Jerusalem, the Platform of Italian NGOs in Palestine and the MICAD support - Master in International Cooperation and Development - organized three workshops in Bethlehem, from April 14th to May 5th 2016, on Cultural Heritage Protection, Gender Based Violence and Child Protection, following the positive experience of last year on Technical and Environmental Sustainability, Advocacy, Disaster Risk Management and Inclusive Education cross-cutting issues.
The goal of these workshops is to provide insights and updates on cooperation sector that could be useful in any phase of the project cycle.
The first meeting on Palestinian Cultural Heritage Protection had as speakers Giorgio Andrian, Cultural Specialist, Carla Benelli, art historian with a deep knowledge of the Palestinian context and Osama Hamdan, architect and restorer of Jerusalem. Starting from the international legislation concerning the cultural heritage protection in conflict situations, the speakers presented the current Palestinian heritage situation and how - even in the realization of humanitarian projects - we can compare with issues related to the cultural heritage management.
The second meeting, on Gender Based Violence, led by Anna Rita Ronzoni, GBV expert of Welod Programs in AICS Jerusalem. The expert explained the causes of gender violence, international legislation, then moved to the comparison of the legal instruments in force in Italy and those in Palestine. In particular, was mentioned the Gender Office AICS Jerusalem activities, which for several years has launched 12 anti-violence centers throughout Palestine (Tawasol). It was also held a mainstreaming exercise within an ongoing Italian NGO project. 
Finally, the third meeting, on Child Protection, with the contributions from Katherine Cocco, expert from UNICEF. The speaker, starting from the common definition of Child Protection, has focused primarily on approaches adopted in this area by the main international organizations.