April 21st, 2016: Emergency Program 10487 - Contract for the water main extraordinary maintenance and building connections in the City of Jiftilik

At the Jericho Governorate it was hold the meeting between the Director of AICS Jerusalem, Vincenzo Racalbuto, and the Representative of the Village Council of Jiftilik, Othman A'nouz. On that occasion, it was signed the contract for the water main maintenance and building connections.
The contract provides:

  • Restoration of 1.4 km of water network in very bad condition in Al-Muthallah which therefore had large amounts of water loss;
  • 34 connections construction for homes located in the City of Jiftilik

The recovery of water network will allow to have greater access to water to 50 families (an increase of 10m3): Jiftilik population has the access to water for 16 minutes every three days. The water is transported mainly through an appropriate tanks with a consequent increase of the cost of water (about 40 NIS per m2).