April 7th 2016: Delivery of rams to the Bedouin community of Dkaika (South Hebron - Area C) within the DISVI project "Improving the life quality of the most vulnerable population in the southern area of the District"

On April 7th 2016 was held  at the community Dkeika - south of Hebron (Area C)- the delivery of 25 male sheep and 10 rams to 35 families.
The householders were chosen based on their income.
The Disvi NGO - in Palestine since 1990 and with wide experience in the implementation of health projects sector - in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture - has selected 35 Awazi cattle - able to adapt in desert areas.
The great pets’ health has enabled a significant improvement of livestock survival which guaranteeing an increase of one third in the milk and lambs productions, and an increase of the same percentage of the shepherds’ income. 
The rams delivery was preceded by 45 veterinary education meetings to 900 shepherds and the distribution of 300 kits for animal care and anti-parasite treatment of sheepdogs.