8 March - International Women's Day

The Italian Development Cooperation Agency in Jerusalem and the Gender Programme “WELOD” wish to all women, particularly to Palestinian women, to achieve their goals, to realize their dreams, to raise their voices, to be free from any kind of political, social, economic discrimination and violence based on gender biases and stereotypes. Click here to download the document.

Every year the International Women’s Day is an opportunity to dedicate a special thought to all women all over the world. Women who through their living experience, passionate work, struggle and love bring change to the world, terribly suffering from violence, wars, social discriminations and inequities. Women are calling for change, and for being agents of this change. Women voice for empowerment and political participation and engagement in the life of their countries.
On occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation reiterates its staunch commitment to the bilateral efforts of international Organisations and through development cooperation projects in favour of gender equality and the rights of women worldwide.

The Foreign Ministry’s fundamental objective is to act in order to enable women to express themselves anywhere in the world, enjoy effectively equal rights and opportunities, actively participate in the political life of their communities and contribute to their economic and social development.
Special attention is focused on strengthening the capacity to prevent and sanction gender-based violence and on enhancing women’s access to justice. 
Italy has long been among the Countries most committed to combating female genital mutilation and early and forced marriages, by supporting and promoting UN Resolutions and financing projects on the field through development cooperation programmes. Italy is also one of the most active Countries on the issue of “Women, Peace and Security” for the empowerment of women in crisis and post-conflict scenarios.(from Farnesina- Comunicati)