Probation period for Italian minors explained to Palestinian partners

The project Karama - Towards a System that Respects human rights and Dignity is still in the implementation phase, funded and executed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation In Jerusalem. 
During the last week, two Directors of the Italian Ministry of Justice - Minors Department came to the Palestinian Territories for a short mission, in order to follow-up to the Palestinian General Attorney’s visit to Italy last March. The aim of this mission was to meet the Karama’s partners and start-up a dialogue for the introduction to the Palestinian juvenile justice system of the probation, adopting roles, functions and rules of the Italian model.
The institution of minor’s probation has been established in Italy in 1988 as an alternative to the jail, with the aim of rehabilitate the minor. It’s actually a suspension of the delivery of the custodial sentence in favor of a probation period and it represents an implementing tool of some specific objectives of the juvenile justice system, such as the quick way out from the penal system, the promptness of the institutional intervention, the diversion, the mediation between the minor and the victim, the need to provide the minor with specific answers.
In addition to the institutional meetings with the main partners in the juvenile justice sector in Palestine, the two directors met a large group of stakeholders in Nablus, with the topic of deeply investing the Italian probation system.