The Italian Cooperation in Gaza and the West Bank

The Italian Commitment and the Paris Conference

Italy's primary objective is to contribute to the growth of the Human Development Index, which is the indicator that, as defined by the UNDP, measures "the expansion of opportunities that allow individuals to enjoy a long and healthy life, to be educated and to have access to necessary resources and a decent standard of living''.
At the International Donors Conference in Paris (17th of December, 2007), Italy committed itself to a new document called the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan, PRDP 2008-2010), that refers to the terms and the strategies for developing the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).
In 2008 alone, the Italian Cooperation in Paris approved initiatives that totaled about 46 million euros. The amount represented 57.5% of the total promised.
The Italian Cooperation Program also bases itself on proposals put forward by the European Commission.
During the Paris Conference, the European Commission urged donor countries to contribute to "PEGASE". It is a financial mechanism of direct support to ANP’s budget. This proposal was immediately accepted by Italy in July 2008.
 The 20 million euros of financing that were pledged in favor of "PEGASE” on that occasionwere paid in full in December 2008.